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Christians in El Salvador
Christians in El Salvador

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Sandy's story

Over the last 3 years, God has been stirring my heart concerning the Church. And when I say "Church," I'm talking about everyone who identifies Jesus Christ as Lord.

My heart's cry was to join a movement of people who desired to fulfill the Great Commission and make an impact on the world with Jesus' love. The Lord heard me and led me straight to Multiplication Network Ministries (MNM).

MNM is a non-profit organization that equips leaders with the tools and resources to strengthen churches and multiply them through church planter training. Church planting is the most effective strategy to reach the 5 billion people who've never heard the gospel or been part of a community of faith.

When I traveled to El Salvador with MNM recently, I met a courageous Christian—Luis Rosales. He is currently in MNM's church planter training.

Luis grew up in a dysfunctional family. Early on he started using drugs and alcohol. It’s not a surprise that his life hit rock bottom. When Luis was without hope, he turned to a local church. There he found courageous Christians living out their faith despite all the danger surrounding them in El Salvador where gang violence is a serious issue. Luis told me, “When no one cared about me, the people in the church began to pay attention to me. They asked my name and where I was from.” They listened and loved. They told him about Jesus. Luis accepted the gospel message and received Jesus as his personal Savior. Luis sat across the table from me and passionately announced, "We have to go and preach the gospel. We cannot stay quiet with this flame we have within each of us. We have to go and ignite this flame. We have to go and preach the word of God!" Courageous church leaders and generous Christians-in-action helped bring the change that Luis desperately needed.

Luis was then mentored by these courageous Christians who told him about Jesus. He grew in his faith while he was being mentored and trained. It didn’t take long for his potential to become obvious. Luis was invited to be trained to go back out to the same dangerous streets of El Salvador he came from to tell people the Truth that had set him free. He is now a courageous Christian.

Luis is learning how to plant a healthy, strong church. He is being mentored and trained. He is helping to bring the change to others who desperately need what he received not so long ago. He is telling people about the saving grace of Jesus Christ.

Luis heard the gospel because he found a healthy church. Luis was trained because people just like you listened and loved. Now you can be the one who gives so others just like Luis can be transformed by the Word of God. Will you give so they will be mentored to maturity and transformed in Christ?

Your support of MNM allows Luis and many other courageous Christians like him to be trained in effective church planting strategies. Your gift is the key that allows courageous Christians like Luis to spread the gospel in dangerous cities throughout El Salvador.

God is moving in the lives of women and men like Luis. Will you join this movement on a mission to multiply? In 2016, MNM trained 6696 church planters in 35 countries! God is using MNM to make a global impact.

It takes $1,500 to train one church planter for 12-16 months. I'm raising funds to train one church planter in El Salvador. Your gift will make that possible. Will you join me by asking the Holy Spirit about giving back by donating to MNM today? Thank-you!

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